About Omnivoltaic Products

About Omnivoltaic Products

OVES's product portfolio is designed to cater to a wide range of energy needs, from basic lighting solutions to comprehensive home energy storage systems. Each product line is crafted with the end-user in mind, ensuring accessibility, reliability, and sustainability.

Beacon™ and Lumn™: Entry-Level Solar Lanterns

The Beacon™ and Lumn™ solar lanterns represent OVES's commitment to providing essential lighting services at an accessible cost. These entry-level products are designed for easy installation and are renowned for their durability and long-lasting performance. Ideal for areas where traditional electricity access is limited or non-existent, these lanterns serve as a reliable source of light, enhancing the quality of life for users in remote communities.

Lumn Home™: Smart Expandable Solar Home Systems

The Lumn Home™ series takes home energy solutions to the next level with smart, expandable Solar Home Systems (SHS). These high-quality systems cater to a household's basic electricity needs, including home lighting, cell-phone charging, and powering small DC appliances such as fans and TVs. Designed for scalability, they can grow with the user's needs, ensuring that expanding energy requirements are met efficiently and sustainably.

Camp™ SHS and Packs: Versatile 12VDC Systems

Camp™ SHS and Packs offer a versatile 12VDC system that supports a broad array of appliances, from enhanced home lighting and entertainment systems to small productive tools like sewing machines and barber packs. This range is designed for users looking to elevate their off-grid living experience, offering the flexibility to power both essential and luxury appliances.

Oasis™ All-in-One HESS: Home Energy Storage Solutions

The Oasis™ All-in-One Home Energy Storage Systems (HESS) are increasingly popular for off-grid users seeking reliable backup power solutions. Ranging from 1 to 20 kWh packages, Oasis™ provides a variety of system sizes to meet different energy demands. These systems are an excellent choice for households and businesses looking to ensure uninterrupted power supply, enhance energy security, and promote sustainability.

Town™ Modular ESS: Flexible Energy Storage

The Town™ series offers modular energy storage solutions that boast flexibility in installation and incremental deployment. These systems can be tailored to provide energy storage ranging from 5kWh to 5MWh, with AC output capabilities from 5kW to 500kW. OVES also offers a comprehensive purchase guide, assisting clients in selecting the right technology and installation options to meet their specific needs.

X-Grid™ Components: Customizable Power Solutions

The X-Grid™ series encompasses a wide range of components designed for customization to address diverse power conditions and usage scenarios. This series includes industrial-grade modules and components, ensuring standard-compliant installations that are built to last. Highlights include X-Grid Inverters with multiple DC bus voltages and solar charging capabilities, Lithium Battery Packs compatible with standard DC-fed inverters and MPPT Solar Chargers, and the eMe™ and Chargeverter™ multi-purpose chargers, which integrate e-Mobility battery charging with home power supply. These components are ideal for installers and DIY enthusiasts looking for reliable, long-term energy solutions.