About Omnivoltaic Technologies

About Omnivoltaic Technologies

Omnivoltaic Energy Solutions Company Limited (OVES) stands at the forefront of off-grid electric technologies, a testament to the extensive experience of its founding members in power generation and product design. The team's expertise is not just theoretical but is cemented in patents, technical know-how, and strong supplier-partnerships that span the breadth of off-grid energy solutions. Below, we explore the key technologies that define OVES's innovative approach to off-grid electricity.

Off-Grid Triad™

OVES introduced the concept of the Off-Grid Triad™, a comprehensive integration of the three core elements essential to all off-grid systems: Generation, Storage, and Usage. This holistic design paradigm is the foundation of OVES's ability to deliver high-performance yet cost-effective system packages. By meticulously balancing these three elements, OVES ensures that each component works in harmony, leading to systems that are not only efficient but also tailored to the specific needs of off-grid communities.

Lithium-ion Battery and Packs

Recognizing the critical role of battery technology in off-grid systems, OVES has dedicated substantial efforts towards developing superior lithium-ion batteries and packs. This process begins with a thorough understanding of the supplier landscape and forging partnerships with reputable cell manufacturers. OVES designs specific Battery Management System (BMS) hardware and firmware, or customizes proven BMS platforms, alongside developing appropriate enclosures that balance cost, longevity, and aesthetic appeal. The result is a versatile range of batteries with bus voltages spanning from 5V to 72V, designed to meet diverse energy storage needs.

Solar PV

Specializing in small to medium-sized systems, OVES leverages solar photovoltaic (PV) technology as a key component of its off-grid solutions. The company's expertise lies in configuring the right type of solar panels to meet the varied needs of its systems, ensuring that each setup is optimized for maximum efficiency and reliability. This focus on tailored solar PV configurations underscores OVES's commitment to providing sustainable and effective off-grid energy solutions.

High Efficiency DC Appliances

A pivotal aspect of the Off-Grid Triad™ is the emphasis on high-efficiency DC appliances, which are instrumental in driving down the total cost of ownership for off-grid systems. By prioritizing the development and integration of appliances that operate at peak efficiency, OVES significantly reduces the energy requirements of off-grid systems, making them more accessible and sustainable for users.

Brushless DC Motors and Controls

OVES has also invested in the development of Permanent Magnet Brushless DC (PMBLDC) motors and controls, which are essential for powering a variety of DC appliances, from fans, sewing machines, grain processors, to compressors inside refrigeration and ice-making systems, to e-mobility drive trains used in electric boats and two- or three-wheelers. The focus on optimizing motor types and control electronics is a testament to OVES's dedication to enhancing the performance and efficiency of off-grid appliances and vehicles.

eIoT Sensor-to-Cloud Stack

At the heart of OVES's innovation is the eIoT Sensor-to-Cloud Stack, which embodies the company's vision of integrating every electronic device with cloud connectivity from the outset. This foundational approach ensures that data from off-grid systems can be seamlessly collected, analyzed, and utilized, unlocking new possibilities for remote monitoring, system optimization, and user engagement.

eIoT Data As A Service

Building on its robust IoT infrastructure, OVES offers Data as a Service (DaaS), which combines data acquisition, cloud storage, and API access services. This offering enables partners to easily access and derive value from the wealth of data generated by off-grid devices. OVES's substantial investment in IoT capabilities demonstrates its commitment to not just collecting data but making it actionable and valuable for off-grid energy solutions.

Through its pioneering technologies and comprehensive approach to off-grid electricity, OVES is reshaping how energy is generated, stored, and utilized in off-grid communities around the world. The company's innovations not only enhance the efficiency and sustainability of off-grid systems but also empower users with reliable and accessible energy solutions.